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More Ways To Turn Your Garden Into A Wildlife Haven

Ten quick tips to ensure your garden is buzzing with life

Posted: 27 October 2011
by Fiona McKim

Ensure your garden has a wide variety of flowers, plants and even weeds, all of which contribute to our ecosystem and will attract a wide range of animal life.

Try to create a nest-like structure by growing hedgerows or thick foliage for insects and small birds to make their home in.

A pond is a sure-fire way to attract all kinds of garden life, with the addition of water plants and fish you will have your very own mini ecosystem.

Keep your grass at different lengths as birds enjoy foraging in short grass whilst insects and small mammals like to hide out in wilder patches.

As well as putting out feeders and seeds for birds, leave a small amount of water in a shallow tray or pail to create a mini bath for your feathered friends.

Plants that yield a high volume of fruit and vegetables will provide your family with delicious produce and will attract plenty of foraging wildlife.

A compost heap or pile of rotten wood will attract all manner of interesting insects certain to delight young creepy-crawly fans.

Planting seeds with vibrant, colourful blooms should ensure a buzzing community of butterflies and bees come springtime.

During autumn, sweep piles of leaves into the corner of your garden to create a perfect shelter for hedgehogs.

Avoid using harsh chemicals in your garden as they can make their way into the food chain and prove very dangerous for all types of wildlife. Attracting larger animals such as birds and toads will create a harmonious balance in your garden without harming the natural environment.

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