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The best Christmas gifts – Lomography Camera

Your child can get snap happy with this cool camera

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Spotted in the hands of Alexa Chung, Brad Pitt and Emma Roberts, it is safe to say that a Lomography camera is the hipster accessory du-jour. In our brave new digital world where a snap can be taken, posted on Facebook and deleted all in a heartbeat, there is something distinctly refreshing about the permanence and element of surprise inherent in analogue photography.

To snap your child’s creative journey into action, try this cute fish-eye camera by Lomography UK. The chunky rubbery design and handy wrist loop fits perfectly into the rough-and-tumble photography style favoured by budding Baileys, while the quirky fish-eye lens means even accidental extreme close-ups or seemingly mundane subjects result in a stylish, arty snap.

Fisheye £45, By Lomography UK

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