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Debate: How to create the perfect scone

Has a formula for creating the most sumptuous scone been discovered?

Posted: 29 May 2013
by Catherine Hudson

The mathematically correct way to serve a scone...

It is the fancy food-building quandry that divides opinion: do you spread the cream or jam first on a scone? And how much and in what ratio of each should one apply?

Dr Cheung, of Sheffield University, claims to have devised a mathematical formula to create the perfectly topped scone.

She concluded that the best ratio is 2:1:1, or, in other words, a scone weighing 70g needs 35g of cream and 35g of jam. Sounds to us like the perfect excuse to get the children in the kitchen and start measuring up for an afternoon of tasty testing.

Dr Cheng said: "Building a good scone is like building a good sandcastle – you need a wider base, and then it needs to get narrower as it goes up so that it doesn’t collapse or drip."

The study also found that using clotted cream is essential for the best build. Nicholas Rodda, Managing Director of Rodda’s Clotted Cream, said: “For a perfect cream tea, you need to have the right quantities of each ingredient and prepare them in the right way. 

"The aim of this formula is to help ensure that no matter where you are in the country you should always be able to enjoy the perfect serve for a cream tea."

Although it does seem that the age old argument between Devon and Cornwall has finally been settled, with Cornwall emerging triumphant. Cornish folk have long since argued that the jam should be spread first - something we here at Junior have to agree with. Although maybe we should do a few test runs, just to make sure...

Which side of this particular foodie fence do you sit on - jam or cream first? Let us know by commenting below...


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