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Meet Aldo Zilli: Pasta papa

Celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli on his new baby and toddler food range

Posted: 1 June 2011
by Kelly Beswick

Baby Zilli

Aldo Zilli, Co-Founder and celebrity chef

Well done on being shortlisted, why do you think Baby Zilli stood out from the competition?
I’m the first well-known chef to come up with a baby food range, which I have tested on my own children. Between myself, and Dean Dunham my partner on Baby Zilli, we have seven children, so we are very experienced parents!

The Baby Zilli brand is still quite new, but has already created a buzz. What do you consider to be the secret of its success?
Our food is so tasty that mamma and papa can enjoy it as well as their children. No more making a funny face when tasting your baby’s food as you try to get them to eat. We use a wide range of organic ingredients so it will appeal to even the fussiest of babies. If you don’t like the baby food, why should your child eat it?

If you had to sum up the Baby Zilli philosophy in one sentence, what would it be?
Organic, tasty and affordable.

Why do you think parents trust your brand?
Having been a chef for so long, I know about food and from feeding my two youngest children, I understand what’s important for a health, happy child.

What do you consider to be your flagship product?
Fishy Dishy which is a delicious mix of salmon, peas and potato. It’s important for kids to have oily fish from an early age as it’s essential for growth and packed full of Omega 3.

Do you have any advice for parents of fussy eaters?
Keep trying, be patient and always praise your children for trying new tastes and ingredients.

Do you have children yourself?
Yes, I have an older daughter Laura who is 26 and has turned out to be a great cook as she has learned about flavours from a young age. And I have Rocco who is five years old and Twiggy who is two.

How did you find weaning your children?
It’s so important to educate your baby’s palate from an early age so they are receptive to new tastes to lay the foundations for a healthy diet in later life. I recommend for father to be much more hands on in this country with the feeding process.

What is their favourite food?
Pasta Pomodoro.

What was your favourite food as a child?
Growing up on a farm with 8 brothers and sisters meant that I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mamma, who taught me from an early age how to make excellent pasta with fresh, organic sauces. So fresh pasta is still my favourite food today.

Do you think that the food we give our babies and children is better now than say a generation ago?
With Baby Zilli we are trying to educate people to go back to good, wholesome organic ingredients. Parents do understand the importance of keeping their babies healthy but sometimes need a helping hand to make this easy, affordable and convenient with their hectic lifestyles. So Baby Zilli was designed to help fit a modern mum’s hectic schedule as the pouches don’t need to be refridgerated and can be eaten hot or cold.

How do you think it compares with the rest of Europe?
When I was growing up in Italy, I ate lots of fresh ingredients and this is what I’m trying to bring to British babies.

If you could introduce one thing to better our children's diets in the UK, what would it be?
I would insist that children get to try as many different wholesome organic ingredients, so their taste buds are educated from day one. We have a wide range of vegetables and fruits in the Baby Zilli products so that kids learn to love food.

What next for Baby Zilli?
The range is extending in June with five new exciting flavours, as well as some delicious and healthy puds and organic juices. Watch this space…

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