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Five tips for cinema trips

Have a happy day out at the movies with your family

Posted: 10 April 2012
by Junior

1. Pick your screening
Many cinemas now offer special baby-friendly screenings for parents with very small children, where the other cinema goers will be more tolerant of any extra noise. For toddlers and older children you are likely to find a more child-friendly audience at during weekdays or Saturday mornings than a Friday or Saturday night.

2. Choose the right film
This may sound obvious but even though a film has a PG or U rating, this does not necessarily mean your toddler will be able to sit through a three hour nature documentary. A trip to the cinema should be an adventure for the whole family so try to choose a showing that will appeal to your children and keep everybody interested and entertained all the way through.

3. Don’t go overboard on the snacks
For many people, a box of popcorn, fizzy drink or bag of sweets is a part of the cinema experience and you needn’t deny your child this pleasure, but try to avoid American-style super sized portions unless you want to encourage sugar rush restlessness and several trips to the loo.

4. Take a supply bag
A packet of wet wipes will be invaluable for noses and sticky little fingers, try bringing bottles of water or diluted fruit juice instead of having to buy sugary fizzy drinks. A little cushion may also be a good idea to prop up very small children.

5. Wait to exit
Once the show is over avoid the rush to get out by staying in your seats to watch the credits (which for many films now have extra scenes and funny outtakes) then leave once the lights are on in an altogether more orderly fashion. 

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