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Easter Movie Reviews: HOP

Russell Brands stars as a hunny bunny in this seasonal romp about Easter

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HE'S NOT THE first young man who's had reservations about following his father's footsteps to enter the family business, when your daddy is Chief Bunny – the Easter equivalent of Father Christmas, no less – responsible for the safe delivery of copious amounts of candy (and subsequent happiness) of children all over the globe on Easter morn, then there's got to be a little added pressure…

EB, voiced by Russell Brand with a cheeky chappy, devil-may-care attitude, doesn't let duty get in the way of a good time, as he does a moonlight flit from Easter Island (of course) to persue his rock-star dreams in Hollywood. In a quest to find a burrow to lay his head, and being rudely rejected by Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion, EB guilt-trips Fred O'Hare (James Marsden) into taking him in after he knocks him down in the street.Turns out the two misguided sons have something in common, even if they don't know it. Meanwhile, there's plenty of comic moments as EB puts causes mayhem in a posh pad, puts on a performance for David Hasslehoff, and performs his favourite party trick: he poops Jelly Beans!

The drama (and comedy) is provided by the evil Chick Carlos, who is plotting a revolution against the Easter bunny, and the antics of the ninja royal guards, who are sent to find EB. If we tell you, the movie is from the makers of Alvin And The Chipmunk, with the same mix of CG animation and live action, it will give you a taste of the tone, that is every so slightly silly but a whole lot of fun, too. Expect to be watching it every Easter in years to come…

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