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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Long-suffering Greg Heffley huffs his way through a big summer adventure – with mayhem and mishaps along the way

Summer lovin' happened so fast… Is teen romance on the horizon in Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days?
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AH, THE JOYS of having a whole summer of lazy, hazy days stretching ahead of you fills our young anti-hero Greg Heffly, AKA The Wimpy Kid, with dreamy anticipation. What activities are on his schedule? Well, how about days filled with playing video games in a darkened living room and possibly finding time for a little summer romance with your teenage crush Holly? Sure sounds good to Greg, but of course that doesnt' factor that his mother's idea of fun is a book club, and his dad believes that a kid should be out playing sports and other exercises.

Such is the oft' thwarted intentions of Greg, the classic middle child who is sandwiched between his bullying and rather dim big brother, Roderick, and his looks-cute-but-is-actually-a-pintsize-demon-and-master-manipulator baby brother, Manny. Things start looking up, however, when Greg's best friend, Rowley, lets slip that his family are members of an exclusive country club, complete with idyllic swimming pool and poolside cocktails. After convincing his family that he has actually landed himself a summer job at the club, Greg's summer starts to pan out how he imagined, after all…

Does it last? Well, this is a diary of a wimpy kid and life for Greg works pretty much on the premise that if things can go wrong, then they will. So expect craziness and mayhem to happen at the club (where would-be rockstar Roderick insists his brother sneaks him in too); on a father-son camping trip, where a touch of camping rivalry sets in, and at a Sweet 16 birthday bash with an exploding sound system and a chocolate fountain. With plenty of cringe-worthy comic moments, some keenly observed family dynamics and some rather touching father-son bonding.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (cert U; running time 94 minutes) is out on August 3, 2012.

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