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Beauty & The Beast Diamond Edition

The classic fairy tale celebrates two decades with a brand new Diamond Edition

Posted: 28 September 2010
by Catherine O'Dolan

Disney classic Beauty & The Beast

Beauty And The Beast, Diamond Edition

Walt Disney £23.99, running time: 97 mins

There’s a touch of Les Mis musical theatre in the rousing crowd scenes of this 1992 reworking of the classic fairytale. Feisty and headstrong, Belle was one of the new breed of Disney Princesses who believed in girl power. She even reads books! Can you imagine? Certainly something that her would-be love interest, Gaston, does not believe to be an appropriate pursuit for a young woman, when she could be pandering to his manly needs (he has visions of her giving him foot massages, in between looking after a brood of mini me's.

This animated feature-length movies was groundbreaking in its stunning use of CGI animation in the famous scene as Belle is whirled and twirled by her beast, winning a stream of accolades, including an Oscar nomination for Best Picture (one of only two animated movies to be nominated, the other being Up). This edition on Blu-ray and DVD, avaiable to buy in high definition from November 1, has lots of bonus extras, including a host of singalong favourites like Be Our Guest and the ever-so-romantic Tale As Old As Time… Expect romantic tears before bedtime.

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