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Little Miss Junior returns – My Pitti Bimbo Diary: Day Two

Junior's cub fashion reporter finds out what's hot for the coming season

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The first show of today is Miss Blumarine; Maid Millie and I are backstage speaking with Anna Mollinari herself. In the near distance I can see my arch enemy Candida Lovejoy from Mother Touch Magazine trying to steal my glory of a pre-show interview with Anna, luckily Bon Sera my faithful chauffeur is on full alert and Candida, much to my delight, is escorted out from the backstage area by two bouncers. The Miss Blumarine show is simply delightful, the sculptural knitted dress and pleated polka dot day dress have to be mine!

At 11:00 I am tres excited as am off to see the SS13 Gucci kids collection preview at the Gucci HQ,Gucci are sending a Gucci car for me, apparently decorated in the Gucci colours, so of course I am wearing Gucci. Maid Millie is meant to be meeting me outside the fair, but she is nowhere to be seen. An hour later I am still waiting, in the scorching heat, for that damn Gucci car and that damnmaid... all of a sudden the Gucci car appears and much to my horror, out jumps arch enemy Candida Lovejoy accompanied by Maid Millie– what the cupcakes is going on?

Lunchtime I sit in silence, I have missed the Gucci preview, sent Maid Millie back to the hotel and to make matters worse, Candida is sitting on a table opposite me in the press lunch lounge with a beaming smile.... I feel that something is up? Luckily the Miss Grant show is here to cheer me up, a collection crammed with neon colours and beautiful offerings for my SS13 wardrobe.

Evening arrives and I have a crammed schedule, the Versace party, Simonetta shop party and last but not least, the Monnalisa catwalk show. Bon Sera, my chauffer, is on full alert and on strict instructions to have the Bentley ready at any given moment; Maid Millie is grounded tonight – period.

The Versace party is amazing, Donatella is no-where to be seen, but I send her a personal text to congratulate her. The Simonetta shop party is hip and happening and I order three summer dresses and neon accessories – tres adore. Bon Sera drives me to the Monnalisa show, set somewhere in the hills outside Florence, situated with a lush viewing point that overlooks the beautiful city. Evening is setting and the show is about to begin, suddenly I hear a rather familiar Italian/Essex drawl demanding entrance to the show – Maid Millie with my arch rival Candida Lovejoy.....

The show begins and sitting front row is horsey Candida and my dreadful maid, glaring at me. Despite the glares I do manage to enjoy the very breathtaking SS13 show. 

At 22:00 sharp I am sitting in the back of my Bentley having to make a very important call to daddy’s best friend  Mr Neapolitan- ‘ Mr  Neapolitan I am in Italy, I need your help, my dreadful maid and arch rival Candida Lovejoy are up to something. Is it possible to send someone from the Italian secret service to help me?’

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