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Joe Blogs travels to Luton Hoo – woo hoo! – to light a Jubilee beacon

Smart Boy About Town spends a jolly jubilee at Luton Hoo hotel and discovers a hidden pet cemetery

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Hi. It's me, Joe.

How was your jubilee? Hope you were rockin' regally. I had a grand old time at Luton Hoo, a posh stately hotel – with a rather funny name (Made me think of this joke: Knock, knock. Who's there.  Luton. Luton who? Luton Hoo. Luton who? Luton Hoo... It could go on forever!).

Despite the drizzly rain, I managed to do a reccy of the grounds, designed by some dude called Capability Brown – that's a cool name! Perhaps I could be Capability Joe? I discovered a pet cemetery in the secret garden (note to gardener: could do with a bit of upkeep please, as one of the headstones is broken and there's a lot of weeds! What would poor Twig, the lady of the manor's now deceased pet dog, make of it all?

The highlight of the weekend was thegrand Jubilee dinner. I was very excited to hear the Sheriff of Bedfordshire was in attendance, expecting someone in a cowboy hat and sheriff's star. Actually, the sheriff was wearing a dress (but that's because she's a lady sheriff!). After dinner, and a delicious Pimms sorbet (I pinched my mummy's!), it was down to the lake to light up the Jubilee Beacon in honour of her Majesty (who incidently spent part of her honeymoon at Luton Hoo. How romantic!)

Love Jx

Joe's wardrobe: Jacket by Hackett; Union Jack shirt by Paul Smith Junior; Chinos by Next; Star Plimsolls by Mini Boden.

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