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Joe Blogs travels: Elephant Hills

Smart Boy About Town ventures into the rainforest in Phuket and meets the locals (elephants and pretty girls)

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Hi, it's me, Joe.

What an adventurer I am. You might think you know about rain, but you ain't heard nothing till you're living in a canvas tent in the middle of a rainforest! And boy, did it rain when I was at Elephant Hills National Park in Phuket. Didn't let it put a dampener on my spirits though – and the elephants didn't seem to mind either. We had such fun riding on an elephant (though my mummy was a bit worried about sitting in a metal seat with lightning bolts overhead), feeding the elephants (and those big boys have big appetites, they can eat whole pineapples with the spikey skin on!) and washing the elephants (and yes, I did get rather wet myself too).

At the end of the day, we'd retire to the main lodge where we ate delicious home-cooked food, and watched some lovely young girlies singing and dancing traditional Thai dances, which of course I had to join in with. Would have been rude not to, no? Then, we'd end the day chilling out in our tent, covered in insect repellent to keep those pesky bugs away, before lights out, and all you could hear were the spooky jungle sounds outside. Time to snuggle deeper and pull the cover over my head. Sweet dreams!

More of my travels soon,

Love Jxx

Joe's wardrobe: T-shirt by, er, GapKids, and jeans by H&M.

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