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Joe Blogs takes to the ice (and takes a tumble) at Somerset House

Smart Boy About Town finds the going slippery when he tries iceskating…

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Hi, it's me, Joe

There are some things in life that look oh-so-easy, but when you try it, it's a lot tougher than it looks. Take iceskating. How hard can it be? I've got a pretty good sense of balance, I'm pretty nifty on my skateboard, but boy, how many times did I fall on my butt trying to master this tricky art? (Answers: Lots).

Thanks heavens for the perky little penguins and helpful instructors at Somerset House. But I do still think it will be some time before I try my first flying somersault.

On the plus note, if you're going to Somerset House, there's a very lovely Christmas tree to admire, and the hot chocolate's pretty good. My suggestion is pull up a seat (on safe ground) and watch all the other folk making a fool of themselves!

Love Jxx

Joe's wardrobe: British Bulldog T-shirt by Most Wanted (yes, I'm a rhinestone cowboy!); jeans by Petit Bateau; corduroy jacket by Mini Boden.

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