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Joe Blogs has gone all spooky Johnny Depp!

Shiver me Timbers? Who's the freaky Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike?

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Hi, me hearties. 'Tis me, Pirate Joe.

So why the bed-head hairdo, you might ask? Well, 'tis because I am a ghostly deathly pirate come back from the dead to spook ye out for Hallowe'en.
Nah, actually, it's cos I ran away when my mummy tried to brush my hair, but personally I think the tousled look works for the purpose in hand. See, I even have a scar, well, a scracth, on my nose to authenticate my pirately credentials. So this is my final outfit for hallowe'en: I've been a vampire and a skeleton. Now I just have to decide what to wear for the big day next week.

Have you decided what you're going to wear yet? I'd love to see the pictures! Send them to and I'll make up an online gallery of my favourites. And there'll be booty galore for my favourites!

Joe's wardrobe: Three-piece Ghost Pirate Outfit and Hallowe'en decorations by M&S.

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