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Joe Blogs goes ska-crazy with Madness at Camp Bestival

Smart Boy About Town gets rockin' with Madness as Howard Marks reads bedtime stories

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Hi, it's me, Joe.
Woke up this morning and thought I had turned into a giant orange slug. Then I realised I was in my sleeping bag after my first night ever in a tent. So what's the first thing a boy does when he wakes up in his tent? Well, don't know about you but I just picked up me gee-tar and started strumming: “Hey, now, I'm a rock star!”

I'll let you into a secret. My cool green outfit is actually my pyjamas. Yes, I'm a rock 'n' roller in PJs. Funny thing is last time I was wearing green, I bumped into Johnnie Boden and he thought I was wearing my pyjamas. Well, he made these pyjamas and they're pretty cool, so now I don't feel so offended he thought I was in my jimjams. Once I'd pulled on my wellies I couldn't be bothered to take them off again so I set off to Camp Bestival Day II wearing them and noone even noticed (if you've ever been to Camp Bestival, you'll know that it takes more than wearing pyjamas in daylight to get you noticed!!).

Today was a lot of fun. I sneaked onto the helter-skelter when noone was looking. Then we discovered a great dress-up tent so I did a Mr Benn, and transformed into Buzz Lightyear. And it only cost my mummy £5 plus £5 deposit. We also went to Zippos Circus, where I loaded up on sugar with a candyfloss and bought a whizzy light-up windmill. What fun!

Spent the day in and out of the Isle of Boden again (mummy really did like those Boden Bellinis!) before heading off to watch a bunch of guys called Madness. “Don't watch that, watch this! This is the heavy, heavy monster sound…”

Finally ended the evening in the most surreal of settings: Cocktails & Dreams karaoke bar with Bucks Fizz. No, not more drinks for mummy. Some ancient band where the girls ripped their skirts off and the crowd went mad. Too crazy, man!

Joe's wardrobe: Green striped Long Johns by Mini Boden; Guitar by Paper Jamz

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