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Joe Blogs gets set to meet his match with Boris Becker

Smart Boy About Town poses some thoughtful questions to one of the greatest tennis players of all time – courtesy of Ralph Lauren

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Hi, it's me Joe.

I'm so excited! Today, I found out that I am going to meet up with Boris Becker – he's this famous tennis guy, who has won lots of tournaments (though between you and me, he is also a bit renowned for throwing a few temper tantrums – shame on you, Boris!)

So, my friends at Ralph Lauren have invited me to The Legends Clinic, a special audience with the big guy that's going to go out live on a webcast. I've been trying to think of some good questions to ask Boris. So far I have these:

1. Hi Boris. It's me, Joe. I am five years old now. By my reckoning, I've got just over a decade to perfect my tennis skills to stand a chance of becoming the youngest player ever to win Wimbledon. Any suggestions? (I won't tell Boris that actually, being a Brit, it wouldn't matter at what age I won: I'd be a God whatever).

2. How can I make the most of being a lefthander as most of my opponents are likely to be right-handed? I like the thought of getting the upper hand.

3. I'm really into football, and cars, and superheroes. What were you like when you were five years old?

4. In my experience, the girls really seem to go for auburn locks. Add curls into the equation and they go crazy! Any tips on coping with all my female admirers?

5. I'm a bit prone to temper tantrums. Do you have any anger management strategies that could help me?

6. If I don't make it as a tennis player, any chance you can swing it for me to get a gig as a ball boy? I really dig that cool Polo Ralph Lauren kit they get to wear!

The big event kicks off on Thursday June 17 at 4pm. I'll be there so look out for me in the audience. I know Boris would love to hear from you too, so if you've got a question, email it to him at Ralph Lauren.

Love Jx

Joe's wardrobe: England shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren

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