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Joe Blogs Big Advent Countdown: Day 9–12

The battle of Lego Star Wars versus Playmobil Knights continues… Days 9–12

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Hi, it's me, Joe.

Yes, I know, I know. What's Joe Blogs without a picture of Yours Truly, but I've been so busy these last few days (training for the nativity play, more of that later), so I didn't have time to be papped, and I've fallen behind with my special investigative research for you. So here's the past few days' update.

Day 9

In the Playmobil Knights' corner, we have a through-bred Black Steed, fit for a noble knight, complete with joust and saddle.

In the Lego Star Wars' corner, we have a(nother) fighter starship.

Mmm, and today's winner is: The Noble Steed AKA Black Beauty!

The scores so far: Lego Star Wars: 4.5   Playmobil Knights Tournament: 4.5. It's neck-and-neck again!

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