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Y-3 Show Report

Junior reports on the Y-3 fashion show

Posted: 10 March 2009
by Matthew Holroyd

Y-3 Show Report The next to follow on with the mini-me, my child must look like me trend, is Yohji Yamamoto diffusion line Y-3. Shown together with the adult line in New York. The debut kids collection carried on the theme of previous Y-3 adult lines, sports wear mixed with the draped and oversized silhouettes of the mainline. Jumbo sports wear jackets worn as coats looked novel and sailor’s jackets were cute, a matt boiler suit, slash ski suit, in shell suit fabrics was flashy. It will be interesting to see how the line develops, already on the kids market there are a number of brands referencing Yamamoto’s signature oversized silhouettes, which is perfect for the durability that kids need in clothing.

pyjama fashion 1 pyjama fashion 2 Pyjama fashion 3

pyjama fashion 1 pyjama fashion 2 Pyjama fashion 3

pyjama fashion 1 pyjama fashion 2 Pyjama fashion 3

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Y-3 Show Report

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Posted: 22/12/2017 at 16:59

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