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The Fashion Inside Scoop: My Little Square

Julie Garcia and Cécile Renaud give us the inside scoop on their children's fashion website, My Little Square

Posted: 2 July 2013
by Catherine Hudson

Fashion at My Little Square
Fashion at My Little Square
Fashion at My Little Square
Fashion at My Little Square

Why did you decide to work in childrenswear?

Julie Garcia (Co-founder): Definitely because of having children myself. I used to work in womenswear, but when I became a mother I naturally became interested in childrenswear. It’s an exciting, creative world, underpinned by real needs. I wanted to bring womenswear shopping habits to the world of childrenswear, which is what we try to do at My Little Square.

Cécile Renaud (Co-founder): When I was studying marketing, I knew very early on that I wanted to work in childrenswear rather than luxury adult fashion like many of my peers. Children’s fashion is fun, but at the same time reflects genuine needs. It’s quite funny to see that, even when they are young, children are already creating ‘their style’. Some boys like shirts, others want to wear more ‘rock-inspired’ items: they always have an idea of what they like!

What are your earliest fashion memories – what did you wear?

J - As soon as I became a teenager, I began asking my parents for a pair of branded jeans, like my friends had. It took several months of negotiation to get a basic pair of black jeans, which you can still find in my wardrobe - which has become a lot bigger since I was a teenager.

C - My mother is a stylist, and quite often travels abroad. We went to Japan a lot when I was a child. She came back with brands unknown in France at the time. I had a scarlet t-shirt with Comme des Garçons printed on the front that I loved.

When you think of your childrenswear website, what words spring to mind?

J- Definitely 'trendy', then ‘unusual’ and ‘easy-to-wear’. Everything I like to wear, but in small sizes.

C - Colourful, modern, accessible and creative, or at least, we try to be.

What were the inspirations for the childrenswear AW13 collections?

J- This winter will be filled with warm, rich colours: peacock, brick-red. We’ll see a continuation of the ethnic trend, which was very en vogue this summer. The winter collections are going to feature lots of graphic design, drawing inspiration from adventures and wide open spaces. I love the idea of ‘freedom’, which these new trends will bring.

C - This season we’ve seen lots of printed designs. We’re moving away from starry prints to find lots of new ideas: musical instruments from Bobo Choses, animals by Mini & Maximus, triangles from Thief & Bandit…

What are your top tips for dressing children this Autumn-winter?

J Comfortable, soft fabrics - for example jersey and sweatshirt fabric. Mixing prints and playing with layers, to create a ‘nomadic’ look, my favourite trend at the moment and use lots of colour. Replace the classic black with dark red or green-blue, part of the season’s colour palette.

C - Don’t be scared to mix different items. Play with prints and try different textures. Find the right pair of shoes, shoes that are warm and comfy for the winter, for example high-tops from Feiyue, leather boots from De Vries, or of course, old favourites from 10is.

What are your top three pieces, for boys and for girls, from the AW13 collections?

J - Pieces with graphic/geometric designs, my particular favourite is the brand Beau Loves.
- Printed skinny jeans, drop-crotch trousers or leggings (I love the designs by Thief and Bandit.
- A thick knitted jumper that is nice and warm and super soft – preferably oversized.

C - Printed sweatshirts from Emile et Ida, Mini Rodini or Bobo Choses, great for little boys.
- Skinny jeans from Brian and Nephew – really well cut.
- The camouflage parka from The Brand, a must-have.

Can you give us your hot tip for autumn winter 2013 childrenswear?

J - Having something by Bobo Choses in the wardrobe is an absolute must, just for fun and also because their winter prints are fabulous!

C - This season’s must have is the Feiyue x Milk on the rocks collaboration. Tiger shoes and sweatshirts make for a super cool outfit.

What up and coming labels, in childrenswear, should we watch out for?

J - Among our new brands, I really love the brand PetitBo as well as Beau Loves, two very talented young brands in the childrenswear sector. I’m still a big fan of Emile et Ida and Bobo Choses. My Little Square has been distributing the pretty French brand Louise Misha since their first collection. The collection that is about to arrive is unique and adorable.

C - I have fallen in love with the romantic world of Blune, a pretty Parisian brand. I also loved seeing the preview of the new collections by Mini Rodini, as original as always. Also the up-and-coming brand that is not to be missed, Mini & Maximus.

If you were five years old again, just for one day, what would you do?

J - I’d love to be as carefree as I was at five! Sadly it’s not possible, although I’m not sure I’d like it as much as I think. If I really had to go back to being five, I think I’d like to just enjoy having lots of free time, rather than always feeling like there aren’t enough hours in a day!

C - If I were five again, I would wake up my parents for a cuddle, eat an enormous bowl of cereal whilst wondering what would happen that day at school, play skipping in the playground and then go home to play with my doll in my bedroom after a glass of squash!

Julie Garcia and Cécile Renaud are the founders of chic children's fashion webstore, My Little Square


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