The RL Gang brush up their creative skills

Under the gentle guidance of their mentor, Randolph Lattimer, the RL Gang are brushing up their creative skills with an enchanting art project where they conjure up images of whatever they are thinking of. The result is beautiful flowers bursting into splendid blooms before your eyes, and an enchanting pastoral scene opening up for the children to explore. There's also a useful lesson to learn as the RL Gang welcome a nervous new pupil, Elle, into their class, making sure she feels at home.

The RL Gang’s impeccable style

As well as the delightful storyline, the cast - as you'd expect - are turned out in impeccable sartorial style to showcase the new collection of signature blazers, shirts and preppy style for boys, and pretty party dresses and cute accessories for girls. You can see all the RL gangs' wardrobes here

Unlock a magical world of fantasy with an amazing new virtual storybook

A World of dancing bunnies, fairies and magical kingdoms... In a child's imagination, the sky's the limit and anything - indeed, everything - is possible. Nurturing a child's imagination is at the heart of the latest virtual storybook on the Ralph Lauren Children's website, featuring the RL Gang who are intent on embarking on "another fantastically amazing adventure."

Watch the brand-new RL Gang storybook

All you need is imagination

With a storyline narrated by Uma Thurman - taking over from last season's storyteller Harry Connick Jr  - the virtual tale has a strong child-focused message: "Sometimes all you need is imagination for magically magnificent things to happen." For the Spring 2011 season, Ralph Lauren Children's RL Gang will also benefit Room To Grow, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of babies born into poverty, providing parents with one-to-one parenting support and essential baby items. Mother-of-two, Thurman, has been a supporter of the charity since first meeting founder, Julie Burns, in Manhattan 12 years ago.

You can watch the brand-new RL Gang storybook narrated by Uma Thurman here