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Kleine Fabriek Amsterdam Spring/Summer 2013 Trend Report

Junior reports from Kleine Fabriek Amsterdam

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Entering the Amsterdam RAI, Kleine Fabriek’s seasonal residence in Amsterdam, the entrance is covered in neon. Even the hosts, usually dressed in black, sport neon accessories and pop socks. One doesn’t need to be Miss Marple to instigate that this season's biggest and brightest trend is NEON.

Neon was last popular in the nineties. Stores such as Cyber Dog encapsulated the spirit of the club scene and films about the future, such as Hackers, starring a very young Angelina Jolie with bright blue hair, were the zeitgeist of this generation. Ironic that this flash in time was so concerned with the future, yet step forward ten years and fashion is teleporting back-in-time to the cyber nineties.

Brands most concerned with capturing SS13's brightest trend at Kleine Fabriek were companies with a rich history in colour and print. Oilily executed the colour pallete well with an array of summer dresses decorated with neon trims. Digitally manipulated futuristic prints of flowers and food that fashioned sports jackets, T-shirts and leggings were also dazzling and vivid. Gsus Sindustries stand was so intense it was as if you were standing in a rather loud rave surrounded by patchwork rain jackets cut in reflective fabrics, loud T-shirts with rave themed slogans and skinny jeans in an array of neon shades.

Emile et Ida visited the loose fits of the period; oversized sweatshirts and T-shirts sporting amusing slogans and punctuated with neons or contrasting neutrals. Kids Art, a new addition to this years line-up raved like it was 1994, with tie dye, marbled and hand drawn T-shirts, capturing this season's biggest vibes. Glamorous Girls took influence from nineties Versace - loud patterns adorned leggings and blouses, glowing trainers with studs were the perfect accessory for any trend focused six-year-old

Not every brand wanted to visit the intense pallete of cyber nineties. Frankie and Liberty and European Culture instead focused on a pallete of stone grey and charcoal that decorated washed fabrics and light cottons. Although, both brands referenced a very nineties silhouette - loose fitting shapes, sack style dresses and oversized shirts and tops, detailed with Velcro, zips, interesting pin tucks and fabric twists.

Predictably, Liberty prints were in abundance on girlswear. Poppy Rose a newish brand which one would describe as being in the Bonpoint/Christina Rhode spectrum, dedicated their whole stand to floral prints, loose fits and cottons. Jumpsuits, blouses cut in geometric shapes and loose sack dresses were all decorated in a variety of Liberty printed fabrics.

A standout label at this years Kleine Fabriek was Kidscase, which despite this season's fixation with cyber nineties stuck to what they know best. Beautiful cotton slip dresses in a modern square print looked ideal for intense heat, stripped red loose fitting blouses and tops were simple and a must have. Graduation bleed jumpers in a fine knit, looked fresh. Overall a wearable yet fashionable, well thought-out wardrobe for a stylish time in the summer sun.

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