An Absolutely Awesome School Adventure

Once again led by their dear teacher, Randolph Latimer, the RL Gang are excited to go to school and ready to embark on another amazing adventure. Their mentor sends them through the magical classroom door into a beautiful Autumn day of astonishing beauty. Here they meet some amazing woodland animals and stumble across a trapped bird with rainbow wings. The children are helped by the Incredible Book of Fantastic Things, as it shows them the way to free the bird, who in return teaches them that one good deed deserves another.

The RL Gang’s impeccable style

This season Ralph Lauren expands its online shoppable children’s storybook collection and the RL Gang present a world of vintage varsity dressing in a vibrant Autumn palette. Classic homecoming looks for the boys combine with preppy sophistication, whilst the girls' classic patterns get a fresh update alongside distressed denim and lace to keep the collection modern and cool.

You can see the RL Gangs' Autumn 11 wardrobes here

The latest Awesome Adventure from the RL Gang

The RL Gang return with another fantastical adventure set in a magical Autumn land, filled with amazing wildlife and mystical creatures. The theme for this season’s virtual storybook on the Ralph Lauren Children’s website is ‘one good deed deserves another’ as the children learn a valuable life lesson with the help of a magical bird.

Watch the brand-new RL Gang storybook

One good deed deserves another

This episode of the virtual storybook is narrated by Grammy Award-winning recording artist and philanthropist John Legend in support of the Show Me Campaign and continues the RL Gang theme of supporting children's charities. The Show Me Campaign was created by John Legend and fights poverty using proven solutions, fighting for education reform in the USA and working with the Millennium Promise to help provide clean water, healthcare and education in Africa.

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You can watch the brand-new RL Gang storybook narrated by John Legend here