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The Blooming Gorgeous by Pink Lining

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The Blooming Gorgeous £75 by Pink Lining  

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It Bag credentials

With playful blooms similar to those that adorned the Fendi Floral Baguette, the Blooming Gorgeous is a riot of colour. Whereas Fendi’s size zero Baguette only had room for the essentials – lipstick, keys, credit card – the Blooming Gorgeous is a more capacious affair, with plenty of room for baby bits and yummy mummy essentials. 

Mummy must-haves

Two inbuilt bottle holders; thick padded changing mat; zipped bag for wipes or other damp items! 

Judges’ comment

“So pretty and plenty of room for all those baby essentials.”

Today's parents demand impeccable style in everything, even down to a designer changing bag, or rather; 'Baby's First It-Bag'

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