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Little Green Radicals Q&A with Josie Bragg - Best children's eco fashion brand 2014 - WINNER

We meet the designer behind the 2014 Junior Design Award-winning entry

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What is your name and job title?

Josie Bragg -  LGR Designer

What did you love to wear as a child?

I have always loved autumn and the clothing that goes along with that season. As a child, my favourite pieces were always made from warm autumnal colours with lots of cord tunic dresses, mustard and deep red woollen tights and knitted jumpers.

What’s so great about children’s fashion?

Children’s fashion is a wonderfully colourful industry to be involved with. We love to take our customers on an adventure  through our seasonal collecions and produce clothing of great quality which tells a story. Because our clothing is made from organic cotton, it last much longer and be passed down again and again, which means we can avoid the 'fast fashion' which can be more prevalent in adults fashion.

What are the highlights of your autumn winter 2014 collection?

Our autumn winter collection is called 'The Great Adventure' which is inspired by childhood woodland adventures.  Our stand-out pieces are our new 'Jelly bean' teepee joggers, now stocked by John Lewis, which have a gorgeous round shape and teepee prints as well as our teepee snowsuits which are lined with a warm organic sherpa fabric.

How important is it to keep up with changing fashion trends?

We like to keep our eye on new trends and are always interested in new eco fabric developments, but its more important for LGR to stick to our roots of bright clothing which lets kids stay kids and tells a story.

What makes your brand stand out in today’s growing childrenswear market?

Our clothing stands out in the market as it retains a sense of lightness and humour whilst we always have a keen fashion eye, shown through each piece we produce each season.

Where do you find design inspiration?

Inspiration each season comes from all around, but often come from films, children books and fairy stories.

Why is important to be aware of eco fashion?

The world of fashion is a wonderful one - but the production of clothing can be a very destructive process, from growing of the cotton,  bleaching and dying of fabric, to the conditions of the workers in the factory. Eco fashion and the Fairtrade label ensure that every step along this process is produced in a sustainable way. Fashion is a huge industry and it is all the better if it is eco friendly and creates strong social bonds within the communities it supports.

Why did you enter the Junior Design Awards?

We have entered the Junior Design awards as while Fairtrade and organic production is at the heart of Little Green Radials, we have always been lead by great design and function, which is at the heart of Junior Design Awards.

What do you predict for the future of children’s fashion? 

We believe the world of Fairtrade and organic fashion will continue to grow and campaigns like 'Who made your clothes' are only encouraging this.


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