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Leading a team to Design Award glory

The Head Designer at Noa Noa tells us all about her idyllic Danish childhood, masterchef ambitions and her reaction to winning a Junior Design Award

Lea as a tiny baby with her family and Noa Noa Miniature SS11
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What is your name and where did you grow up?

My name is Lea and I grew up in a small village in Jutland, Denmark, called Roslev. It was in very safe surroundings and we had the best parents ever.

What is your job?

Head of Design at Noa Noa - I lead and guide the great team of designers we have.

Do you have a nickname?

The girls here have given me a male nick name “Ronny” - but I refuse to answer to it!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a chef -. I have always loved food, so thought this was the way ahead. Now I just cook amazing food in my spare time.

What were your favourite pastimes as a child?

I loved playing outside and I slept so well after hours of playing around. Our summer sailing trips with mum and dad consisted of a small boat, without a toilet; we would sail around and at night we found a harbour and mum cooked great food in the primitive kitchen.

At what age and how did you start to notice fashion?

Very early; I started sewing in the age of three and my Barbie dolls were dressed in handmade dresses. I have also been drawing a lot since I was very young. My dad and my grandma have good creative skills, so think it runs in the family.

How did you feel when you heard that Noa Noa had won the Best Baby Fashion Junior Design Award?

I was very proud. Especially on behalf of Rikke Astorri who designs the Miniature collection. She is very talented and works very hard with the collections. To get this award is also an official blue stamp of the collections and tells customers and consumers that what we do is good.

What was your favourite thing to wear as a child?

I had horrible taste if you ask my mum. I always mixed colours and prints, so actually an early start with the Noa Noa styling! One of my favourites was a Spencer [jacket] in blue, green, white and red Scottish tartan.  

Who would you most like to design an amazing creation for?

I’m a Royal person and Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s little daughter Isabelle could be a darling to design for.

What is your hot fashion tip for winter 2011?

Lots of colours and prints. Colours like a warm yellow is new and very uplifting for the darker season. Also, lovely down jackets with frills and puffs teamed with leggings, heavy hosiery and tunics and dresses.

Can you tell us a joke…

The teacher to little Louise: how many letters are there in alphabet?

Little Louise: there are eight

The teacher: no louise; you know there are 26

Little Louise: no there are eight: a.l.p.h.a.b.e.t

Noa Noa won the Best Baby Fashion Award in the Junior Design Awards 2011

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