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Angulus Q&A with Rikke Rosager - Best children's footwear brand 2014 - WINNER

We meet the designer behind the 2014 Junior Design Award-winning entry

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What is your name and job title?

Rikke Rosager - Designer

What style shoes did you love to wear as a child?

As a child I was mainly wearing foot-shaped (natural shaped) shoes with good comfort as this was very important to my mother. And it was always in"natural" colours: white, brown and blue.

I remember that I was in love with a pair of silver dancing shoes,but my mother did not think they were comfortable and good enough for my feet. So I started to take dance classes just to get these fine shining silver shoes. But I had to admit it:they were really not very comfortable to wear. But I was certainly in love with the look of fine silver shoes.

What’s so great about fashionable children’s footwear?

Giving a comfortable shoe a fashionable design is a good way to satisfy both children and parent. The high demands for comfort and design are met by our attention to the detail and use of high quality and natural materials.

What are the highlights of your autumn winter 2014 collection?

We have a wide range of popular classic styles that are selling out year after year. As many parent prefer to buy the same boot style for their kids year after year we have to re-invent the look to make sure they don´t get tired of it.  Our popular style 2134 (a classic boot with velcro closure, natural rubber sole and wool lining) comes out this year in a new leo-print combined with rosa nubuck – and the girls (and their parents) love it. For the boys we have some strong masculine color like petrol, oak brown and clear forest green.

Our Chelsea-boots for boys and girls are also re-designed every season to follow the actual trends and give them that special ANGULUS look. For the AW14 season we have some lovely variations of prune, plum, dusty rose and purple patent booties for the girls and classic colors like black, brown and marineblue for the boys – but with an elastic detail in a bright color!

How important is it to keep up with changing fashion trends?

It is definitely important to be innovative and follow tendencies in this industry, but our main focus is always on comfort and quality in a combination with being  loyal to the ANGULUS DNA.

Why is it important to invest in children’s footwear?  

Just likeany other musclein the body the muscles of the feet must be movedandstrengthened in order tostay healthy. That requires shoes thatoffer spaceandfreedom of movement.This is especially importantwhen the feetare smallandgrow in spurts. The shoes must provide a combination of support and space in the right places and the materials used should keep the feet warm, dry and let them breathe at the same time. A century of studies and cooperations with podiatrists and pediatricians and carefully selected materials has led to what ANGULUS offers today: Comfortable and well-designed, high quality shoewear that help little feet moving on the best way possible.

Where do you find design inspiration? 

On the street, in ANGULUS´ design archives…. And often out of nowhere.  A good idea often occurs when I least expect it and I´m busy doing something that is in no way related to shoes-design.

What are the top three rules for buying children’s shoes - except for making sure they look good!

Comfort! Always the number 1 rule. If the shoe doesn´t fit the kids won´t enjoy running and playing as they should. Make sure the shoes have the right width and are not too loose or tight .

Quality – look for long lasting and durable materials that let the feet breathe.

Room to grow. Add 1 – 1,5 cms to the feets length when measuring the shoes´ inner lenght. The leaves room to wiggle the toes and some growth.

Why did you enter the Junior Design Awards?

The Junior Design Awards gives us a welcome opportunity to share and show  our ideas on how to combine comfort, design and quality into a product that has been well received by children AND their parents – as it should be when investing in shoes and boots that must handle run and play in varying weather conditions.

What kind of children’s footwear innovations do you think we have to look forward to?

I think there will be a higher focus on developing footwear for children that appeals equally to children AND their parents. So that bothleave the storesatisfiedwith the purchaseand not feeling they havecompromised on either comfort ordesign.

All natural materials will be strenghtened without toxics e.g. natural leather coatings.

Online stores will provide a foot measuring device in the shoeboxes, so the customers can be sure to find the right size at home for the next buy – before ordering online.


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