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Ways to improve your child's handwriting

Posted: 20 December 2011
by Fiona McKim

1 Make it fun
Simple word puzzles, games of hangman and writing with different coloured pencils on special paper will all make practice more enjoyable.

2 Quick on the draw
Young children need to hone their fine motor skills, so the more time spent manipulating objects the better. Drawing pictures and holding cutlery will help.

3 Pinpoint problem areas
Whether it’s letter formation, sizing or spacing, get your child to focus on areas he is struggling with.

4 Tool up
Regular pencils can be tricky for tiny fingers. Most art shops stock ones with special grips. Also ensure he has an eraser so he’s not afraid to make mistakes.

5 Paper not needed 
A steamed-up mirror, muddy puddle or sauce on a plate all offer chances to write, using fingers or a stick instead of a pencil.

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