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How can I inspire my child to be a voracious reader?

A love of books will spark your child’s imagination and stay with him for life

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Oh, isn’t the world such a much brighter, more exciting place when it’s populated by loyal dragons, eccentric chocolate factory owners, tigers who turn up for tea and spotted dogs who hide behind flaps? That’s the sign of a good book – when the characters leap off the page and come to life in the imagination. And the benefits of befriending such literary creations are pronounced – a recent study from the National Literacy Trust found that children who had books to enjoy at home performed better at school. And within that vast and vibrant universe of word and pictures, there is bound to be something to capture the interest of your child.

Parents have an important part to play in getting children hooked on books. “I’ve enjoyed sharing some of the books I loved as a child with my children,” says Cressida Cowell, author of How To Train Your Dragon “We’ve read everything from Eloise by Kay Thompson to The Ogre Downstairs by Diana Wynne Jones.” Cressida likens a good bookshelf to a varied diet. “One book might feel like a bit of carrot, another book more like a big cream cake,” she says. “Whether it’s an adventure story or a beautiful picture book, every one has its place. It is fantastic for children to have wide range of books to enjoy.”

We have curated a selection of fantastic children's books, including new release roundups, and lots of interviews with favourite authors and illustrators, alongside our Junior Design Award recommended reads.

Read all about it, from our Children's Books homepage


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