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A beginner's guide to making music

Five ways to kick start your child’s musical talent

Posted: 17 April 2012
by Fiona McKim

Make rhythms from everyday activities
Climb the stairs to a steady beat, do up buttons with a rapper's rhythmic commentary.

Sing Songs
As you are walking down the street, make up songs about the things you do regularly, such as posting a letter, or grocery shopping.

Encourage musical experiments
If your child is clapping a rhythmic pattern, hitting a pot in a steady beat or singing high notes, encourage him.

Listen to sounds of different instruments
Put on varied music such as Peter And The Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev or the delightful Pecorino’s First Concert by Alan Madison to introduce your child to all the sounds and personalities of the orchestral instruments.

Make instruments
Whether it is different lengths of hosepipe to make a wind instrument or seven glasses filled with different levels of water to make the scale, play around with sound. Ask your child which is the highest – and the lowest – sound.

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