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Five Family Festival Rules

Make the most of the summer festivals with our top tips (rule one: don't lose your kids!)

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RULE 1 Like everyone at a festival, children need to drink lots of water and keep hydrated and keep their energy levels up. If they dislike the taste of bottled water, mix in a little fruit juice, but don't give them juice or soda all the time. Bag or box juices are great because containers are easy to take back to camp when they're empty. A great green alternative are the funky Sigg bottles that come in a range of groovy designs.

RULE 2 Keep out of the crush. Stay back from the big events. Take along folding stools that your child can stand on to see above the crowd. Don't feel bad about pulling back and chilling out when the chaos starts to get overwhelming.

RULE 3 Set up landmarks at camp for both day and night, such as banners, flags, and light sticks on poles to help your child identify your patch. Walk around with your children, stopping every now and then to check out where you are, what you can see, and how to use to pointers to get back to camp should they get lost and identify an easy-t-find meeting place where you can go if you become separated.

RULE 4 Pack your festival kit wisely. Loose, breathable clothes provide comfort and protection from the sun, and can be layered with warmer garments as the sun goes down. Hats are a good idea, as are sunglasses. Dry dusty ground can be hard on tender feet, so socks are a good idea, even with sandals; likewise, in mud and rain, wellies are an absolute must.

RULE 5 Have fun. Don't forget activities for the children to do while you're hanging out at camp. Bring art projects, body paints, costumes, water guns, and anything that contributes to all the fun of the festival.

For our guide to the Best Family Festivals to fill your summer, check out our best of the fests.

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