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The Hounds of Falsterbo Q&A - Children's picture book of the year 2014 - HIGHLY COMMENDED

We meet the author behind the 2014 Junior Design Award highly commended entry

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What is your name and job title?

Jules Nilsson - Author & Creative Director at Vind & Våg Publishing House

What makes a picture book special?

Stepping into a picture book should be an absorbing and lingering experience. The reader should be swept away by the storytelling synergy established between the narrative and illustration. 

How would you describe the story of this picture book?

The timeless simplicity of a walk on the beach is retold through the eyes of three lively dogs.  Nature, wildlife and friendship combines to form a memorable tale which gently introduces the characters and location in this the first book in a series of five.  The following four books will guide the young readers through the dramatically different seasons of the Nordics reflected in the landscape and the adventures of the dogs.

What would Junior readers enjoy most about the book?

With the help of a simple map, Junior readers will be transported to a non-fictional location.  The illustrations are naturalistic yet the elements of collage creates dynamism and enhances the playfulness spirit of the hounds.  The rhyming verse brings the tale to life with energy and gentle humour.

What was the inspiration behind the story?

The Hounds of Falsterbo was inspired by reality and the blissful image of the three much loved characterful dogs who became friends after meeting on the beach.  The delight and elation they express when they are let off the leash to frolic together, in the idyllic nature of Falsterbo, is an emotion which should be experienced by all children and adults.  The dogs are entirely unaware of how wonderful their existence truly is. The simple pleasures of being with friends, being free and safe in nature is inspirational.

In today's modern, digital world, why do you think it is important that we still buy books for our children?

Books are tactile, familiar and personal possessions.  In an entirely different way to tablets or laptops they physically form part of a home, lives and arouse emotions similar to a painting on a wall or a favourite object. Buying books for children and following the ancient traditions of storytelling is the essence of human interaction.  By presenting a child with a physical copy of a book you are inviting them to explore a unique story presented in a specific format which can be treasured and revisited.

Why did you enter this book into the Junior Design Awards?

The Hounds of Falsterbo has been styled to encompass the idyllic attributes of an outstanding natural setting and to deliver an enchanting tale told through illustration and poetic verse. The publication elegantly reflects quality and an understanding of what children and parents truly desire when they make a decision to invest time sharing a book or spend money on a product. The Junior Design Awards reflects all these aspects and is synonymous with brands and products that are unique.


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