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Marcus Wareing's Christmas memories and recipes

The Michelin starred chef shares his seasonal secrets

Posted: 21 November 2012
by Fiona McKim

Marcus Wareing is the owner of Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley and The Gilbert Scott and father of Jake, 11, Archie, seven, and Jessie, five.

What is your earliest food memory? Meat and two veg every day. My mother always cooked us a meal and then she also cooked for my father when he got home.

What foods did you like as a child?
I really enjoyed Mum’s bacon and apple pie, and disliked roasted parsnips, although I now love them, especially if they have a sticky honey glaze.

What are you best memories of Christmas as a child? Lots of chocolate.

What was your best ever present? A racing bike. I fell off it on Christmas Day and scratched it – I was really cross.

What was your typical Christmas dinner as a child? Classic roast turkey with prawn cocktail to start. Christmas pudding with custard was served at 3pm.

What did you like or dislike? I always really enjoyed the meal itself, but I hated the amount we were served and we had to eat it all! The turkey was always six times too big and lasted for days.

When was the first time you cooked a Christmas dinner? When I worked at a hotel during the holidays. Our first Christmas lunch as a family was when Jake was three months old. He wouldn’t sleep – it must have been the excitement.

Who is your greatest foodie inspiration? My dad. He sold fruit and veg for a living, and treated food as though it were gold.

What was the first thing you ever cooked? A fried breakfast. My son, Jake, now makes a mean bacon and eggs.

What’s your worst cooking disaster? I am not sure there have been any – and I’m not sure I should tell if there were.

What would be your perfect family Christmas dinner? A turkey cooked by me. I’d like it to be snowing and Only Fools And Horses to be on the television.

What’s your food guilty pleasure? Chocolate. 

What would be your perfect Christmas present? The Euro Lottery numbers please.

What inspired you to support Action Against Hunger? Food is about sharing; there should be enough for everyone. Action Against Hunger does a great job of drawing our attention to the needs of others.

What will your New Year’s resolution be? To be less grumpy!

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