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School uniforms on test, for primary school boys: By Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly parenting columnist trials school uniform essentials on her four-year-old son before he starts school this September

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Back to school Decisions, decisions...

"The new school year has already started in Scotland and it’s not long until the rest of the UK follows suit. More importantly, my eldest son, Ethan, is off to school for the first time.

He’s very excited about it, and to be honest I’m looking forward to it too. It’s going to be emotional but think of the savings on childcare! That said I’ve still got a couple more years of expensive nursery fees until my youngest son Logan starts school.

But, before I get on my soapbox about the prohibitive cost of childcare in the UK, let’s stick to the topic of school and talk about uniforms. These days most schools give out a list of preferred clothing styles and colours, giving parents the freedom to buy from the store of their choice and within their budgets.

Ethan and I have compared items from a range of boys’ schoolwear, from supermarkets such as Nutmeg at Morrisons and Tesco, to high street stores such as Next and Marks & Spencer. Here’s how we got on..."


  • Do you have concerns about your child starting school, need tips for helping children who don't like school, or need further advice about the big 'back to school'? Visit our Family page, with its Education and Back to school article hubs

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