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Rites of passage - "Where does the time go?", asks Kirsty McCabe

"Another rite of passage for our little ones [means] another reminder for parents of how quickly time passes."

Posted: 31 July 2015
by Catherine Hudson

Ethan's first graduation day
Teddy graduates, too
Logan is (thankfully) fully dressed on the stairs

"A few years ago when my sister sent me a picture of my nephew graduating in his gown and mortar board I had to suppress a few chuckles; he was barely five years old!

These days nursery graduations have become commonplace, another rite of passage for our little ones and another reminder for parents of how quickly time passes. And it was my turn to feel proud, emotional (and a little bit amused) when my eldest son proudly donned his cardboard mortar board the other day. As you can see from the pictures, he’s definitely got the McCabe ears.

Ethan is also very shy and hates being the centre of attention, so I wasn’t overly optimistic that he’d cope with collecting his certificate and special graduation teddy in front of all the other parents. But he managed to follow his classmates onto the stage, and afterwards practically bounced over to me.

The next rite of passage will be when Ethan starts school. I’ve been busy getting his school uniform together, my husband has declared he’s making the chair bag and I’ve booked the day off work. We’re all really excited, and not just because our childcare costs will practically halve.

My youngest son, Logan, is also going through some rite of passages himself. Unlike his older brother, who has been a toilet training nightmare, my two-year-old can’t wait to get out of nappies.

In fact, he likes to be naked as much as possible and is pretty good at achieving that goal. Unfortunately he is less keen at using the toilet let alone a potty. Which means we need to be on our guard, especially first thing in the morning when he wakes up early and gets himself ‘ready’ while we foolishly snooze on.

Thankfully, we haven’t had too many accidents, but I will never forget hearing about a friend’s child who used to take his nappy off first thing and bottom shuffle down the stairs. I don’t really need to fill in the details of what went wrong on one memorable morning!"

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