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Moving home with a family: The aftermath, by Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly columnist begins to see the light after undergoing the stressful experience of moving house

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Home, sweet home

When we bought our first home together, back in 2007, my husband (then boyfriend) and I figured we’d only be there a couple of years before moving somewhere bigger. Then along came property market crashes, job uncertainties and we ended up staying put.

Eight years and two children later we’ve finally made the move. With property prices back on the ridiculous we couldn’t afford to stay in the neighbourhood so we’ve moved further out of London. But on the plus side, we have a nice garden, the boys get a bedroom each and even better there’s a playroom so I can have a toy-free lounge. Once I’ve put the toys back in the playroom, that is.

Knowing how many pairs of shoes I own, not to mention the rest of our worldly possessions, we decided to get a removal company to do the hard work. And it didn’t cost much more to add in the packing service. Definitely recommend doing both, as I think my husband would have divorced me otherwise. Or vice versa.

The packing was done in a day with the moving the following day. Beds were taken down and reassembled in the new house. Furniture put into position and the right boxes in the right rooms. Clothes on hangers are moved on a special hanging box and then hung back up. Amazing. Big thanks has to go to Adrian and his team at James Removals.

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Now that we’re in our new house, the hard work begins for me. It's now days later, and vast numbers of cardboard boxes still lurk in every room. Working full time makes it much harder to settle in and decide what should go where. The boys are desperate to help unpack, but that basically means 'empty out stuff everywhere and make a mess'. They are pining after some of their toys, with my eldest worried that some of his toys haven't made the move with us, so I know I need to get them reunited as soon as possible.

Family and friends have told me that they still have items in boxes from when they moved years and years ago. Which isn’t very reassuring and makes me a little more determined to crack on. But although we’ve moved somewhere with a lot more floor space, there seems to be less store space, with fewer cupboards. Looks like we may have to make a trip to Ikea soon.

But before that I should really throw stuff out or pass on things we no longer need. There’s a great campaign called From a Mother to Another where JoJo Maman Bebe has teamed up with children’s charity Barnardo's to pass on unwanted clothes to those in need.

Right, the good news is that we've got the broadband up and running and I’ve unpacked the glassware, bottles of wine, fizz and various spirits. So the rest of the boxes can wait a little bit longer...

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There isn't anything like your own home. And what better than to have professional Movers complete the move right? They're much more likely to make sure it goes as planned and with careful examination as well.

Posted: 17/08/2017 at 04:33

I too did the same thing recently and went with Royal moving company. The thing I liked about them more than anything else is that everything they do is without additional or hidden costs.

Posted: 18/09/2017 at 09:08

I think a lot of families could make use of some handy packing tips self storage when it comes to moving house, and even more so when it involves little people, or the elderly. Things get exponentially more difficult the more people are going through the move together in my opinion. One of the things that would definitely help things along would be to ensure that you have a very trustworthy removals company helping you with your items so at least you won't have to worry about the safety of your things while you handle the people moving!

Posted: 14/10/2017 at 14:14

There are plenty times where moving could be quite stressful. But I went along with Melbourne home removals and they were brilliant with all of it. I was just so impressed with their service. They came in time, And got finished well within time.

Posted: 23/04/2018 at 15:11

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