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'Is your child starting school this September? Start your own networking now', says Kirsty McCabe

"Making an effort now isn't just great for my son to get to know his future classmates better, it’s great to start a network of local parents."

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School gates Starting school can be daunting for the whole family

After a few months in my new neighbourhood I’m finally getting to know some of the other mums. It’s taken a while as my husband does most of the nursery 'pick-ups-and-drop-offs', because he works from home. And unlike me, he’s not much of a chatterbox.

Luckily, with my eldest son starting primary school in September, we’ve been making a real effort to get to know all the mums and dads whose kids will be going to the same school. Cue group emails, doodle invites and lots of playdates.

It’s not just great for my son to get to know his future classmates better, it’s great for me to have a network of local mums. Hopefully in years to come we can help each other out with babysitting, school runs and getting to the bottom of a bottle of wine.

Like most working parents, it’s a bit of a challenge to fit in family life around the hours spent working or commuting. My two like to pull guilt trips on me and cry before I leave the house, begging me to stay at home. It’s very tempting to give in, especially when I’ve just checked my bus, tube or train app and already know it’s going to be a hellish commute. Luckily I know they cheer up pretty quickly and love going to nursery.

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Even when life is ticking along fairly smoothly I do feel like I’m going round in circles chasing my tail. Mornings and evenings are a blur of house admin from sorting laundry to managing meals. Who knew my favourite things would be having a timer on a washing machine or discovering the frozen delights of COOK? Cooking from scratch during the week is not going to happen if you want to eat this side of midnight!

And most excitingly I’ve finally got a cleaner. No longer shall I spend half my weekend vacuuming or cleaning the loo (or at least thinking I should). Nothing beats that feeling of calm when I get home after the cleaner has been but before the boys return from nursery.

I’ve now started planning social invites or playdates to coincide with this maximum cleanliness at home, because of course, it doesn’t take long for my tiny terrors to restore chaos to the order as they unmake beds and wipe sticky fingers on anything within reach. If anyone has found a way to keep a glass table top clean please let me know!

How do you feel about your child starting school? Are you ready? Are they ready? Any top tips? Let us know by commenting below, or join in the discussion on Twitter...

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I plan to start my own networking very soon. Although, I need to talk to my mates at the https://technofaq.org/posts/2018/01/how-was-the-first-vacuum-cleaner-made/ site first. I have to make them agree on joining me in this venture.

Posted: 03/03/2018 at 08:46

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