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A new dinosaur-themed world opens at Paultons Family Theme Park

Our weekly columnist takes her sons to the Lost Kingdom - a brand new dinosaur theme park

Posted: 3 June 2016
by Catherine Hudson

The latest addition to Paulton's Family Theme Park

A rip-roaring family day out

From the moment the invite arrived we knew it was going to be something special... A scroll of paper tucked up inside a dinosaur egg that was safely nestled in a box with claw marks on the side - we were going to be one of the first to visit Lost Kingdom, a brand new dinosaur theme park world at Paultons Family Theme Park.

Like most small boys, my two are dinosaur-obsessed. Logan in particular can name pretty much any and every dinosaur, so the timing couldn’t be better as our visit would coincide nicely with his 3rd birthday.

For those few parents not yet in the know, Paultons Family Theme Park is also home to Peppa Pig World and located just off the M27 in Hampshire, about an hour and a half’s drive from London. While Peppa Pig World is perfect for pre-schoolers, Lost Kingdom is aimed at slightly older children who need something a little bit more daring. Such as the two world-class family coasters, ‘The Flight of the Pterosaur” and ‘Velociraptor’.

That said, there are plenty of Jurassic-themed rides and attractions for younger children, including the ‘Dino Chase’ Roller Coaster and the ‘Little Explorers’ outdoor adventure play park, below. Here, young explorers can play on the dinosaur skeletons and search for fossils in the sandpit.

The attention to detail is fabulous, from the staff’s ranger outfits to the prehistoric landscaping, it feels like the film Jurassic Park has come to life, with dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes around every corner. Thankfully, no dinosaurs escaped during our visit!

We started the day on ‘Temple Heights’, a magic carpet ride where we enjoyed views across Lost Kingdom, before taking a safari jeep expedition with ‘The Dinosaur Tour Co’ past some of the largest and most fearsome dinosaurs to walk the Earth.

My two are still wary of moving dinosaurs, so gave a wide berth to the park’s tame(ish) captive T-Rex at the ‘Alive’ Dinosaur Encounter. The T-Rex costume is fiercely impressive, even down to the blood on his teeth. But they enjoyed the baby velociraptor (puppet) carried round in a box and happily spotted the 27 animatronic dinosaurs, including a gigantic 23-metre-long Argentinosaurus.

Entertainment for all ages

Entry to Lost Kingdom is included in the normal ticket price to Paultons Park, so the boys insisted we finished our day with a visit to their old favourite, Peppa Pig World. And with the theme tune ringing in our ears, we headed back to London with two sleepy boys clutching their dinosaur balloons and asking when we could go back.

Visit Paulton's Family Theme Park online for more information and to book your tickets, now

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