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A mum's New Year resolutions, by Kirsty McCabe

Our parenting columnist valiantly offers up some resolutions she will be doing her hardest to keep

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With good intentions and good planning...

Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 is treating you well so far. It's all change for me as I've gone from part-time to full-time work. Which is great for my depleted bank balance, not to mention my husband's nerves over mortgage payments.

The downside is that the work-life-mummy balance will require even more juggling. So I've come up with some new year resolutions that will hopefully help keep life on an even keel.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Rather than try to do everything myself and end up stressed, I need to delegate and accept that things might not be done exactly how I would do them. This mostly applies to domestic chores like dishwasher stacking and laundry. I am hoping this will be the year I persuade my husband we should get a cleaner (it does feel like I'm the only one of my friends who doesn't have one).

Be more patient

When I'm tired and stressed (and the house is in a mess) I have a very short fuse and will snap at my nearest and dearest. I don't want my children to copy my grumpy behaviour, so I am trying very hard not to lose my temper. I plan to keep calm and not get annoyed by other people, hmm, we'll see how that goes when I'm on the tube in rush hour...

Set a good example

This follows on from being more patient. I want my boys to eat healthily, have good manners and treat other people nicely. So that means no more snacking on crisps and chocolate (at least until they've gone to bed). More family meals with everyone eating or at least trying all the food on offer. I was a really fussy eater (and still am to some extent) so this will be a tough one for me!

Keep active

Cutting down on snacks is probably a good idea as it's going to be harder to fit in gym sessions now I'm working every day. I am still determined to do at least one body combat class at Virgin Active during the week. But it'll have to be at lunchtime as I struggle to exercise during the evenings. Especially during the dark winter months when I just want to rush straight home to spend time with my little ones. Thankfully my husband has already declared he'll still love me when I'm chubby!

Make the most of it

Whether it's enjoying quality time with my family (even if that's answering 4am cries for cuddles with Mummy), or enjoying me time at work (you know, going to the loo on your own, nipping out to the shops on my own and being able to use both hands to do things) – I will savour every precious moment instead of wishing I was somewhere else.

So let's see which resolution(s) I will have broken by this time next week...

Kirsty McCabe writes her weekly column here on www.juniormagazine.co.uk. Follow us on Twitter: @juniormagazine and watch out for the hashtag #somethingfortheweekend every Friday to join in with the conversation

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