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9 unavoidable signs that you are turning into your mother, by Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly columnist spots those tell-tale traits

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Kirsty McCabe

There comes a stage in every woman's life when you realise you are turning into your mother. That despite all your best efforts during your rebellious teens and twenties, it turns out that the apple has not fallen far from the tree after all...

Here are some of the key moments when I realised it had happened to me, do any sound familiar?

  • I started to sound like her. Obviously there have always been some similarities in accent, but I have found myself using the same phrases on my children that she used on me. "I want, doesn't get", being a popular one at the moment.

  • I look like her. To our horror, both my sister and I are starting to look more like our mum. It's not so much the genetics, but more the mannerisms. We catch sight of each other doing or saying things like our mum and gleefully point it out.

  • I married my Dad. Not literally, obviously, but I have somehow married a man who has an awful lot in common with my dad. Tall? Check. Self employed DIY enthusiast who runs his own business from home? Check. Likes to grow a dodgy moustache over the winter months? Check. Sigh.

  • When listening to music targeted at a younger audience I find myself asking, “Is this meant to be music?” Just like my mum used to ask me...

  • Whenever I find something I like, be it a foundation or a pair of pants, the shop will no longer stock it. I used to laugh at my mum when this kept happening to her. Now I share her pain.

  • Technology is getting trickier and my children are already more adept than me. I hope I will keep up slightly better than my mum, who refuses to use computers. She does like her mobile and will send texts and they aren't all in capitals anymore. One day we'll get her to upgrade her phone to one smaller than a brick that can store more than ten messages at a time...

  • I love my heated rollers. My mum used to put her rollers in every morning before she went to work. Turns out they are truly brilliant at giving you the same effect as an expensive blow dry but with a lot less effort.

  • I cry at sad bits on TV. Both my mum and my sister will weep at the slightest hint of something sad, which used to make me chuckle no end. Turns out, now that I'm a mum all those hormones have defrosted my heart of stone. Obviously I don't let them see me get emotional, so I can keep up the tough girl act!

  • I hold onto things in case they are useful. This is a worrying one as my mum does have hoarding tenancies. It was a long-running joke that if we went out to lunch my mum would end up with a selection of sauce sachets in her bag as they might come in handy. Though admittedly, I have been guilty of taking vinegar in case of wasp stings.

I may joke about turning into my mum, but to be honest, if I end up half the woman she is then I must be doing something right. Thanks mum!

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