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Junior Meets: Founder of Miss Blumarine, Anna Molinari

"For my little girls, I dream only positive things." Designer Anna Molinari tells us all about the happy inspirations behind her ethereal, elegant designs

Posted: 3 October 2013
by Catherine Hudson

Miss Blumarine AW13
Miss Blumarine AW13
Miss Blumarine AW13
Miss Blumarine AW13
Miss Blumarine AW13
Miss Blumarine AW13

Why did you and your husband decide to create Miss Blumarine?

In 1983, the Blumarine womenswear line was joined by Miss Blumarine for children, under licence to Spazio Blu S.r.l. We wanted to develop our brand-awareness and we believed in the lifestyle concept that was becoming an interesting market-opportunity in that period. I thought about a romantic collection focused on precious details; flower prints, tender trims and embroideries with stones, sequins and ruches for special occasions, all of which would reflect Blumarine's mood.

How did you feel about children's fashion in the 1980s, when you started Miss Blumarine?

My desire was to become a little girl once again. Kidswear plays with details, prints and colourful patterns, which imitate the adult world, but interpret it in an absolutely free and fun way. Miss Blumarine's collections are fit for a little princess, with soft embroideries and prints. When I design a dress I want every little girl to feel like she is part of a romantic and wonderful dream, full of flowers, soft clouds and pastel colours.

How much of the mainline, Blumarine, is transferred into the girlswear?

My purpose has always been to reinterpret the style of the feminine and romantic Blumarine womenswear collection in an appropriate way for a child. This results in the refinement of materials, precious details, attention to colourful prints and decorations that recreate the world of a princess, with the touch of irony that is characteristic of the brand.

I don't believe in collections that are a simple transposition of the adult collections where the young boys and girls look like small adults. I always undertake a  great research work in Miss Blumarine's collections in order to create a suitable product.

When you think of your childrenswear label, what words spring to mind?

Romantic, sweet, soft, elegant and happy. For my little girls, I dream only positive things.

What are your earliest fashion memories - what did you wear?

My mother always dressed my sister Licia and me elegantly, in dresses she embroidered herself, with scalloped hems for the skirts and lacy blouses. No sweat suits, no sportswear. Ever since I was a child I have always preferred romantic details like bows and small flowers and I still feel that fashions for girls shouldn't only be casual but should also rediscover that delicacy and - why not? - that elegance of certain clothing from the past.

What were your inspirations for the Miss Blumarine AW13 collection?

For the Miss Blumarine autumn winter 2013 collection, I thought aboutt the snowy whiteness of an icy forest. Like graceful little princesses, these girls favour harmonies of gray, chamomile yellow and gold and cannot resist the skirts in laminated, pleated fabric or in fumé tulle. A tribute to bon ton style lights up with intense colors mixed with pastel nuances, made in extraordinary fabrics that range from stretch alcantara, in rose patterns to black point d’esprit tulle, from embroidered mohair with a lace effect to spectacular chenille studded with Swarovski.

Have you ever had any set style rules when designing for children?

When I think about designing a new dress, I wish that every little girl wearing it could feel in a magic and romantic dream, full of flowers, soft clouds and light colours.

Are you pleased that your children, Rosella and Gianguido, have followed in your footsteps, by becoming part of the family business?

Of course, I'm very pleased. Blufin is first of all a family company. Their personality differences and different points of view have encouraged dialogue and a constructive exchange on the basis of the unconditional esteem and deep affection we share. My children were born and grew up in the firm (actually my son, Gianguido Tarabini, after his father's death in 2006, is Blufin's CEO) and have always felt that it was an integral part of their lives. It is very positive to develop together that which we have built up. I have always believed in a flexible and dynamic corporate model, centred on the value of people and strongly anchored to the area around Carpi, the heart of the textiles industry area.

What are your top three must have party wear pieces from the Miss Blumarine collections?

A chiffon embroidered dress, a soft cashmere cardigan in soft colours and a romantic skirt with ruches matched with a printed sweater.

What do you think the most important innovations have been in recent years, in childrenswear?

I think it has been the innovation about materials (fabrics and yarns), more suitable for children, with better comfort and wearableness without giving up the fashion contents

How do you see childrenswear evolving in the next ten years?

I think all the most important labels will develop childrenswear collections because childrenswear is becoming an important market with well defined rules and multiple styles answering the increasing demand of seasonal fashion trends also for children. Abroad, there is also an important attention to the Italian children collections for their luxury image and  for the research about materials and details.

How do you feel about English fashion for children? How is it different from Italian?

I think that both of us pay great attention to the quality of the fabrics and the wearability of the clothing, and combine this with on-going research in designs and fashion proposals.

Do you have a muse when you style your collections?

I don't have a muse. Since I was a child, I had a great imagination and I take my inspiration from it. One of my favorite hobbies has always been to read books.

How does it feel when you see a child in a Miss Blumarine design?

I feel very proud of my creation and that is the reason why I still love my work.

If you weren't working in fashion - and could have any super hero skills - what would you do instead?

I would be a great writer and my novels would bring peace and joy to everyone, especially children.

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