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Storybook Heroes No 13: Elmer

Meet the brilliant fictional characters who have become timeless classics in the world of children's books

Posted: 25 March 2013
by Catherine O'Dolan

Elmer the elephant
Elmer the elephant from the books by David Mckee

Name Elmer

Born 1989

Defining moment "Elmer was different. Elmer was patchwork. Elmer was yellow and orange and red and pink and purple and blue and green and black and white. Elmer was not elephant colour."

Why we love Elmer

* He always stands out in a crowd.

* He has a great sense of humour, and is always the life and soul of the party. "If there was even a little smile, it was usually Elmer who started it."

* He's not afraid to be different, he proves that it doesn't matter if you don't conform to the norm, and he shows that everyone is a unique individual. Aaah.

* He's following in the (giant) footsteps of other Elephantine heroes, like Babar and Dumbo.

Elmer by David McKee is published by Red Fox. 

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