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Junior Children's Book Club: November 2013

Junior rounds up the best new children's books for November

Posted: 1 November 2013
by Fiona McKim

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The Adventures of Shola by Bernardo Atxaga and Mikel Valverde (Pushkin, £14.99)

First Spot, then Snowy and now Shola – children’s literature has an illustrious history of plucky S-name canines. This particular pup is the brainchild of Basque author, Bernardo Atxaga, four of whom’s colossally popular Spanish tales can be found here, translated into perfectly digestible mini adventures. So what sets Shola apart from the pack? Well she’s not lacking in self confidence, for one thing (see Shola and The Lions, where our plucky pup decides she must really be a Lion due to her “strong, powerful and noble” nature) Yet is tied up in an eternal tug-of-war between her passions for both exciting adventure and home comforts. Mikel Valverde’s illustrations are, like the best of cartoon strips, wittily and expressively detailed and while the translated text doesn’t always roll smoothly off the tongue, this only adds to the book’s quirky appeal.

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