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Junior Children's Book Club: February 2014

Junior rounds up the best new children's books for February

Posted: 4 February 2014
by Alison Potter

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Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett (Walker Books, £6.99)

It’s no fun living in a cold black and white world devoid of any personality. But luckily, knitting enthusiast Annabelle stumbles across some brilliantly multicoloured yarn in a mysterious box, which brings a much-needed injection of colour and excitement into everyone’s lives.

Extra Yarn is a wonderfully modern fable, beautifully illustrated by Jon Klassen. Author Mac Barnett effortlessly interweaves humour and drama into this beguiling little book about the rewarding nature of giving.

The charming depiction of Annabelle’s world will enchant both pre-schoolers and slightly older readers, whilst also teaching them about the importance of sharing and the consequences of selfishness. Hopefully it will also inspire a new generation of knitters to pick up a pair of needles and make the world a brighter place with wool.

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