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Junior Book Club: September 2013

We round up the best new children's books for September

Posted: 1 September 2013
by Fiona McKim

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The Great Balloon Hullaballoo by Peter Bently and Mei Matsuoka (Andersen Press, £11.99)

How far would you go to get hold of some cheese? Not as far as Simon the Squirrel, I’ll bet.

Surely even the most turophilic among us wouldn’t consider a voyage to the moon via Mars, Saturn, Pluto et al a worthwhile investment for a lump of holey Swiss? But in this, Bentley and Matsuoka’s third collaboration, outer space is Simon’s supermarket as he takes off in old Uncle Somerset’s balloon, speeds through the stars and ricochets around the solar system in search of a pizza topping for his mum. This is a book that fizzes with imagination and energy, through the boundless adventure of the story to the brilliant, lush blues of the illustrations. I would like to see more from these two talents together – clearly, the sky’s the limit 


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