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Joe Blogs at Just So festival

Smart Boy About Town revels at the Just So festival

Hi, it's me, Joe.

I know everyone is back at school and all, but I'm still reliving those heady summer festival days! I've been so busy I haven't even had a chance to tell you about the Just So festival – let's just call it Just So Fantastic festival! Okay, so some ...  Continue reading

Joe Blogs wings his way to Batman Live!

Smart Boy About Town perfects his “Kapow!” at the opening night of Batman Live at the O2 London

Hi, it's me, Bat Boy!

As you can see, I've been working out in anticipation of the spectacular Batman Live show – check out my impressive six-pack! I managed to bag myself front-row seats for the opening night, and what a show it was. Plenty of high-octane action and camp capers with ...  Continue reading

Joe Blogs Travels: Bangkok

Smart Boy About Town tells tales of Thailand with some sightseeing in Bangkok

Hi, it's me, Joe.

I've been off on my travels. First stop, Bangkok, Thailand. I always like to try out the local cuisine and, while my usual is a Tropical Calippo, today the menu of ice-creams was somewhat more exotic. Red bean, black bean, milk tea or zolocca lolly, anyone? I opted ...  Continue reading

Is Joe Blogs the real Boy Wonder? Mmmm…

Smart Boy About Town catches a sneaky peek at the brand new Batman Live!

Hi, it's me, Joe.

Wham! Biff! Kap-ow! I've just had a sneaky preview of the brand new Batman Live world arena show – and it was amazing! The sirens were blaring overhead, the helicoptors were whirring with their search lights flashing over Gotham City and the stage was set for the ...  Continue reading


Joe Blogs: Immortalised at last…

Smart Boy About Town dons a super-hero cape in his Belle & Boo work of art

Hi, it's me, Joe.

I've always thought it was about high time that someone did a portrait of me and I must say I'm rather pleased with this artistic interpretation of me by the very talented Mandy Sutcliffe of Belle & Boo fame. I think she has perfectly captured my boyish ...  Continue reading

Starring Joe Blogs at the Cinema

Smart Boy About Town reviews all the latest movies this Easter, and gets papped behind the scenes. Well, sort of…

Hi, it's me, Joe.

Here I am doing a little spot of modelling at the movies. Must say I do rather like the look of myself on a billboard poster. Almost like it's where I'm meant to be… This is me enjoying some hare-raising antics (geddit?) at Hop.

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Joe Blogs gets ready for Red Nose Day

Smart Boy About Town sports his T-shirt and, er, picks his nose for the Big Day!

Hi, it's me, Joe.

It's not every day that my mummy asks me to pick my nose (actually, she never has to ask me – I do it quite happily on my own). Of course, what she meant was for me to choose what red nose I wanted to sport for Red ...  Continue reading


Joe Blogs pays homage to cockney geezer Guy Ritchie

Smart Boy About Town checks out Covent Garden and finds a soul mate daddy in Joules

Hi, it's me, Joe.

So this is me in my cockney geezer meets country gent look. What do you think? Reckon it's rather debonaire look myself. I'm just taking a little restful breather while shopping in Covent Garden. We stopped off at the new Joules shop, tucked away in Slingsby Place. I ...  Continue reading

Joe Blogs gets cosy with The Gruffalo - in his pyjamas

Smart Boy About Town even looks cute at bedtime!

Hi, it's me, Joe.

Look at me, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Well, actually, that's not strictly true, because I am going to bed now. Hence the PJs. Just thought you might like to see what a fashionable boy like me wears to bed. The answer is: Gruffalo pyjamas. And ...  Continue reading

Joe Blogs meets Boden

Smart boy about town finds the perfect pjs at Johnnie Boden's latest party

Hi. It's me, Joe.

While you were all pondering over where to put your cross for your next PM, I got to get a sneaky day off school, as my school hall was turned into a voting venue. So, making the most of the sunny day, I headed off to join my ...  Continue reading

1 to 10 of 17 blog posts