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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant with the British royal couple's second baby [OFFICIAL]

Confirmed breaking news: The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child and suffering once again with Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Clarence house has confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and William, are expecting their second child. 

The new baby will be the first sibling for their first son, Prince George of Cambridge

Here is their highnesses' official announcement, as made public by Clarence House:

"Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and ...  Continue reading


Terrible not-quite-twos and three-nage behaviour: Kirsty McCabe reports

Our intrepid weekly columnist gets to grips with the dreaded terrible two style tantrums. Will there always be tears before bedtime?

Something wonderful happens once the children are in bed. You can enjoy some peace and quiet, read a book, watch grown-up TV and maybe even have a glass of mummy juice (wine). Later, when you pop your head into their bedroom to check on them they look so peaceful and angelic, ...  Continue reading


Kirsty McCabe: "How to entertain kids on a rainy day"

Our weekly columnist shares her best entertainment ideas for the inevitable wet days ahead

Looking after children in the summer is relatively easy. Lots of fun outdoors, trips to the park, picnics, and so on. But when it rains, and you're stuck inside, it's not long before cabin fever sets in and tempers (usually mine) are somewhat frayed.

Minimise the chaos

I must admit that ...  Continue reading


Kirsty McCabe: "How to talk about anything other than your children"

Our weekly columnist suggests topics of conversation for a night out without the kids - could you last an evening without talking about your brood?

Once a week I get hot and sweaty with a bunch of other mums as we attempt to regain our pre-baby bodies in the aptly named Body Back exercise class.

This exercise class is like no other. For a start you can bring your baby with you, a definite plus to a new mum ...  Continue reading


Back to school supplies: What not to do… and all the essential info

The average parent of a child at school will wash more than 1,400 loads of school uniform, make 37 costumes and clean school shoes 125 times. Time to get prepared...

Back to school. What not to do number one = leave everything until the last minute; because chances are it will be a nervous and exciting time for both you and your child. Especially if this term, is the first term.

Clarks Shoes, purveyor of fine back to school shoes, ...  Continue reading


Kirsty McCabe says: "Parenting one-upmanship? Don't get lost in 'Boastbook'"

Our weekly columnist hits the nail on the head with a roundup of the most irritating social media habits. Serial attention-seeking uploaders, take note...

"As much as I love social media for staying in touch with far-flung family and friends, it can leave me feeling a little bit deflated. The logical part of me knows that everybody self-edits, so what you read is a flattering view of somebody else's life. And thanks to fancy filters, ...  Continue reading


Kirsty McCabe's advice on: "How can I keep my children cool in the heat?"

Our weekly columnist, and weather presenter, advises ways to keep the kids cool in the face of an unexpected summer heatwave

Ah, the long hot hazy days of summer. Sitting outside on a balmy evening sipping a glass of wine. Well, that's how it used to be before my little people arrived. Now, it's trying to keep two grumpy wee boys cool and ideally fast asleep; even on a horribly humid night.

As ...  Continue reading


Kirsty McCabe enjoys a rare night (or two) off

Our weekly columnist discovers the benefits of waiting until the kids are asleep before attempting to reward yourself with a night off from parenting duties

Last week I had a rare treat – two nights out in a row! It's a sad fact of kids that once your little ones arrive you can't just spontaneously hit the town, but rather have to plan these events with military precision.

Still, with a wedding anniversary (six years which is ...  Continue reading


Summer is only just beginning [F&F kids' fashion EXCLUSIVE]

All eyes have been on Brazil this summer and F&F is turning up the heat with a kids' fashion collection inspired by the colourful and creative favelas...

F&F collections are currently available online and in over 850 Tesco stores in the UK, and in over 2000 stores globally. Prices start from £3.

The summer 2014 season collection is the largest childrenswear produced by the brand yet.



Kirsty McCabe: "When I'm a parent, I will never…"

'I will never bore my non-parent friends with stories about my children' - Our weekly columnists remembers the resolutions she made before her children came along...

"When I was pregnant, I would look at other parents to see how they dealt with their offspring. Along with my husband we discussed what other people were clearly doing wrong, and came up with our list of things we will never do as parents. Turns out our 'I will never' ...  Continue reading


111 to 120 of 1,054 blog posts