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Kirsty McCabe tries to give up the buggy and convince her kids to walk, scoot or cycle...

"Balance bikes are the perfect way to prepare kids to ride a bicycle, when it came to the crunch we didn’t even need stabilisers for Ethan!" - but will this work for younger brother, Logan?

I’m having trouble convincing my youngest son Logan, aged 3, to give up the buggy and walk, scoot or cycle his way to preschool instead. Unfortunately, he’s inherited my stubbornness, and that combined with the comfy ride of his Joolz pram means he’s in no hurry to go anywhere under his own ...  Continue reading


School uniforms 2016 on test | By Kirsty McCabe, and son, Ethan

Our weekly columnist's son, Ethan, is facing his second year at primary school. Kirsty trials school uniforms to help his first term back get off to a 'seamless' start

My son’s first year of school has flown past and at last the summer holidays are here. Forget phonics it’s all fun fun fun for him. For parents on the other hand, it’s time to get everything ready for the new academic year so let’s start with the biggie - school ...  Continue reading


Pampering treats for parents | At home vs at the salon | Kirsty McCabe investigates

Feeling more slummy mummy than yummy mummy? Put yourself first for a change and get some pampering. Whether you splash the cash at the salon or do it yourself, here are some of my favourites.


Salon: Thai Square Spa offers an extensive range of treatments, and after some deliberation I opted for the Thai Herbal Healer. From the moment I arrived, at their new location just off Trafalgar Square, I felt whisked into another world. One that was calm and serene with clean shiny floors ...  Continue reading


'Working from home - the hardest of options for working parents?' | Kirsty McCabe investigates

"It’s now nearly 3pm and it’s time to fire off a few emails, update the gas and electricity meter readings, hang out the laundry and head to school. Any thought of doing work once your child is home is soon shattered by demands for food, help with homework or just requests to aid them in building a massive Lego tower or Marble Run."

Mums tend to fall into two camps - the stay at homes and the workers. Yes, I know there are men whose lives are equally affected by the arrival of small people but, let’s be honest. The majority of time it is women who have to readjust their careers after having ...  Continue reading


15 of the coolest brands to shop for at boutique, JouJou & Lucy

We love this London-based and online kid's designer fashion and accessories boutique, which offers big name brands as well as quirky new ones, too. Time to shop!

JouJou & Lucy is a beautiful kid's designer fashion and accessories boutique, located in the heart of London's Little Venice. Nearest tube station is Warwick Avenue. As well as a glorious treasure-trove of a shop, it also has a brilliant online offering, perfect for kitting out your little ones, or finding cool ...  Continue reading


A new dinosaur-themed world opens at Paultons Family Theme Park

Our weekly columnist takes her sons to the Lost Kingdom - a brand new dinosaur theme park

A rip-roaring family day out

From the moment the invite arrived we knew it was going to be something special... A scroll of paper tucked up inside a dinosaur egg that was safely nestled in a box with claw marks on the side - we were going to be one of the ...  Continue reading


An affordable family weekend away in Norfolk, by Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly parenting columnist, Kirsty McCabe, roadtests a Parks Resorts' weekend break at Heacham Beach Holiday Park in Hunstanton, Norfolk

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside. And yes, despite the often inclement weather, that includes British beaches.

So, despite a chill in the May air, we packed our buckets and spades and headed to the Heacham Beach Holiday Park in Norfolk. It’s one of the 48 Park Resorts ...  Continue reading


Where to buy Prince George's shoes...

The 'Iconic Classics' collection at Start-rite includes styles worn by generations of the British Royal Family

Prince George, Prince William and Prince Harry, among a long list of other Royals, have been clad in classic Start-rite shoes for generations. With a 220 year history, the British shoe brand have a rather weighty heritage.

It's autumn winter 2016 'Iconic Classics' collection will feature a range of styles inspired by ...  Continue reading


'When kids start losing teeth... How can I make it magical?' by Kirsty McCabe

A tooth fairy? "...Sure enough, the next morning, Mustard had taken his magic key and signed his lease. Our 'fairy' had moved in."

Parenting is all about the milestones. Your baby’s first smile, first steps and first words - most of which, I recorded in my children’s personal child health record, aka 'The Red Book'. Though Ethan, my eldest, definitely has had markedly more entries in his red book compared to his little brother ...  Continue reading


Glamping and gadgets in Wales, by Kirsty McCabe [REVIEW]

Our weekly columnist reviews a family weekend 'glamping' in Wales. There's no mobile phone signal, but she finds a sprinkling of gadgets make the trip a little smoother...

Our glamping adventure began on Friday when we collected the kids from school and nursery, bundled them into the car and hit the road in an attempt to beat some of the weekend getaway traffic...

And failed miserably. After making slow progress round the M25 we finally made it to the M4 ...  Continue reading


1 to 10 of 1,052 blog posts