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Ten games to play with your toddler

Spark her imagination with these simple pastimes

Posted: 16 March 2012
by Junior

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1. Jump and hop  Make two circles with two pieces of string – a big circle with a longer piece and a small circle with the shorter piece. Then show your child how to jump up and down inside the bigger circle, then do the same for the small circle. Count each complete jump or chant ‘jump, jump, thump’. Then do the same with hopping.

2. Outline the shape  Use straws and string to outline circles and squares, then talk about curves and lines. Hold your child’s hand and make a pretend circle in the air, then tell him to do it again by himself. Ask him to recall the names of the shapes, tell your child that the square is made up of square lines and talk about the square’s corners. Children can form circles and squares using cooked, coloured spaghetti.

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