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Five ways to introduce your baby to water

Our top tips for raising a happy water baby

Posted: 24 October 2011
by Fiona McKim

1 Use props
Tempt your baby with a new bath toy – it is a great way to entice her into the water.

2 Share a bath
Ask your partner to hold her while you play in the bath with her toys. She will forget her fears and want to join you. 

3 Hold off on the hair-washing
Don’t try and wash her hair until she thinks bathtime is fun again. 

4 Think small
Being confined to a small space may help her feel safe, so initially try bathing her in the kitchen sink or a baby bath.

5 Empathise with your child 
A sudden fear of water is a common quirk of babyhood, especially around 15 months. Some children fear that they’ll be sucked down the plughole.

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