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Five ways to entertain your baby when you're tired

Create a diversion while you relax with these handy hints

Posted: 11 January 2012
by Junior

1. Go camping
Make a tent from chairs and old blankets, fill it with soft toys and books, then snuggle together and pretend that you’re camping. 

2. Bring her toys to life
Once she’s bored with camping, play with her cuddly toys, making them talk to each other in funny voices.

3. Play fetch the puppy 
Great to play with crawling babies – you throw a toy, and then ask her to “fetch” it back to you… while you wait and have a nice sit down. The further you throw it the better!

4. Create a sofa snowstorm
You need a comfy seat and a big box of tissues. Show her how to scrunch them up, then throw into the air one by one to create an indoor snowstorm. Then you can have a “snowball” fight.

5. Sneak a peek
Play peek-a-boo from behind a cushion and pull faces. It never fails to entertain babies.

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