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Five ways to deal with dawdling toddlers

Quick tips to help you cope with a procrastinating child

Posted: 11 January 2012
by Junior

1. Accept that it is normal
Most toddlers dawdle, delay and take ages to get ready. It is in their job description.

2. Ask yourself why it might be happening
If your child is on a go-slow, he could be giving you an underlying message: “I’m cross because I’m being forced to rush”, for example. Maybe he feels helpless. Try letting him decide where you go, just for once. Does he get ready faster?

3. Watch the clock
Telling a toddler he has to be ready to get somewhere on time will mean nothing to him. Look at the clock together and talk about the general concepts of time and being prompt.

4. Make it into a game
Why not bet him he can’t put his clothes on before you do. 

5. Factor in the dawdling
Allow an extra 15 minutes so you can kick back together.

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